About TBS Distribution

Telstra Business and Technology Distribution

TBSD is the specialised Telstra Channel Managed business unit which supports over 80 plus Telstra Business partners around Australia. These partners have what is called a “Telstra Nominated Dealer Agreement which means they can represent Telstra to their customers and use the “T Partner” branding on any advertising material. TBSD also works with over 90 “Referral Partners” for the direct provisioning of selected Telstra products.

With over 22 years’ experience with sales and delivery of Telstra services to end user customers the management of TBSMS and TBSD realised there was an opportunity to apply that experience in running a dedicated channels group on behalf of Telstra, focusing mainly on “new to the Telstra business” partners. With such a broad range of products Telstra realised TBSD could offer a simplified “start-up” for business that either had no previous Telstra product knowledge or had moved away from Telstra at some point and re-joined the channel. Many of those original business are still with us today and have grown into substantial business. The business design and concept was born in October 2006 and commenced operations in January 2008 building from just one partner to the 80 we now have under management.