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Partner 2 Partner Program

TBSCS's Partner 2 Partner Program (P2P)

At TBSCS, we recognised that many customer ICT solutions now require the combined experience and resources of multiple IT professionals, specialists in sometimes different but related or linked fields. Because the range of ICT related technologies is continuously changing and growing, it is difficult and costly for many ICT service providers to have all the necessary skills to deliver customer outcomes. The answer was to develop a program where multiple specialist businesses can work together with shared resources to provide these customer outcomes. To that end, TBSD has a designed a unique platform we call our Partner2Partner (P2P) program. By joining two or more partner specialists together to deliver the complete customer solution. The benefits to both Business customers and our Channel Partner Specialists is obvious. An accredited P2P Channel Partner Specialists can expand their service reach into most regions of Australia, expand their solution catalogue into new markets, expand delivery capabilities by leveraging other certified experts. From a Business Customer’s perspective, TBSD will act as the “behind the scenes” project facilitator and manager, ensuring Business customers have more options and better control over their required outcomes. P2P is for both our Channel Partner Specialists and their Business Customers.

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