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National Partner 2 Partner Program

Welcome to TBS Channel Services

Multi Award Winning Telstra Distributor

About TBS Channel Services (TBSCS)
TBS Channel Services is committed to delivering ICT (Information, Communication, Technology) specialist services to businesses through our 140+ Telstra Dealers and ICT Specialist Service Partners. We help them to in turn present quality Business Communication and ICT Solutions to Business Customers across all industries such as Tech, Mining, Healthcare, Transport, Retail, and Utilities. Our network of recognised technology vendors provides partners with industry-leading tools to deliver ICT and Communication Solutions adding value to our partners by expanding their business opportunities into new lucrative markets. TBSD makes the complex simple for our partners across Australia to solve challenges with specific industry requirements and can ensure we add value to an organisation with every solution that gets deployed.

Through our vast network of Telstra Channel and ICT service partners, TBSCS can provide Business customers with a much broader selection of products and services through a single point of contact, TBSCS. These ICT products range from mobile network and devices, Business Telephones systems encompassing full Unified Communications platforms, Complex Data and Cloud network solutions as well as data security and general IT infrastructure. There are also many ICT products, not carrier network-related which most of our Channel Partner Specialists also provide. Regardless of the ICT application needed, TBSD can link customer needs to the right business solutions provider or multiple providers. We can become a single solution across virtually all customer ICT applications. This engagement is managed through what we call out Partner2Partner program.

Partner 2 Partner (P2P) Collaboration Program

TBSCS's P2P Program works with a specialised ICT partner channel of more than 140+ technology partners nationally. P2P assists partners with filling in required capabilities to deliver a project that the head partner may not have the skills to do so alone.

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Telstra Distributior Of The Year 2012, 2014, 2017

TBSCS is a Multi Award Winning Telstra Distributor servicing 80+ direct Telstra Channel Partners and a further 60+ Rreferral Partners Australia wide. TBSCS have sales and opperational staff in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Carins.

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TBSCS's Partner 2 Partner Program (P2P)

At TBSCS, we recognised that many customer ICT solutions now require the combined experience and resources of multiple IT professionals, specialists in sometimes different but related or linked fields. Because the range of ICT related technologies is continuously changing and growing, it is difficult and costly for many ICT service providers to have all the necessary skills to deliver customer outcomes...

Dedicated Support

TBSCS brings partners together to achieve the desired outcome on-time and within budget.

National Reach

We have reach in all areas of Australia through our National Partner Network.

Expand Solution Catalogue

Grow your business opportunities by adding to your service & product catalogue.

Certified Experts

By joining the program, experienced solution experts can help with your deployment.


Hightlights from the 2018 TBSCS Partner Conference

Auckland, New Zealand

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